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IMG_0455WI’m Tiffany – a Hartford, Conn. native but I’ve resided in the Atlanta area for about 15 years. My professional experience includes all forms of news and feature writing, blogging for businesses and social media management.

When I was just 4 years-old I had one goal: to become a local TV news anchor and eventually replace Gayle King. Most people know Gayle as “Oprah’s best friend”, but she was actually a very prominent and popular news reporter at WFSB in Hartford throughout the 80s and 90s.

Since then, my desire to anchor the nightly news has waned, but my heart remains dedicated to the industry. I am completely infatuated with writing, blogging and of course the wonderful world of social media.

I’ve held jobs in corporate communications, content marketing and social media in industries such as construction, multi-family real estate, publishing and food safety. My writing has been featured in The Hartford Courant, Urban Influence, The GSU Signal and countless private publications, websites and blogs.

I currently work full-time as a digital editor.

Here’s some fun stuff about me:

  • Two places I’m dying to visit: Los Angeles, and any desert in Arizona.
  • My BFF lives 987 miles away. My other BFF lives 590 miles away.
  • At age 17 I published my first newspaper article.
  • There’s only one person on Earth who can make me squeal like a schoolgirl: Justin Timberlake.
  • I’ve watched the entire 7 seasons of Mad Men at least 5 times. Because: Don Draper.